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Default Emergency -- Need to Restore File from Clonezilla image

So back in February I made a backup image of my Fedora 10 server machine using the howto on this site. The setup of my server is that I have 3 250Gb HDDs setup as one disk using LVM. The backup process went smoothly and I have my backup stored on an external 1Tb HDD.

Last week, I accidentally erased a file using command line. I was just absent-mindedly doing stuff and what is weird is I don't remember being asked to confirm deletion. In any event, the file is gone and I need it back. I have checked everywhere and the only place it exists is in the Clonezilla live image (normally I have redundancies, but I did not want this file in my other backup spots, which are not as secure as the external HDD I use for my Clonezilla images.

Needless to say, I do not just want to restore the image because now months have gone by and other files have changed, which I do not want to lose by restoring the image. One thing I could do is just backup my /home and /var/www/ folders and then restore the image, and then restore the /home and /var/www/ folders. But this would be risky as I am not sure what else might have changed in the interim.

I have done some research and found the following regarding how to mount a Clonezilla image and pull files from it:

Unfortunately, this does not work for me, mostly because I cannot figure out how to reference my image. Like I said above, I made an image of the entire disk, which is set up using LVM, so I do not have a file ending in -img in the subfolder for my backup. I cannot post my directory structure of the backup now because I am at work, but I can do so later and I can also post the output of my attempts at mounting the image.

For now, though, I wanted to ask a question. Is there a way I can simply restore the Clonezilla image to my 1Tb external HDD? Once restored, I could pull the file I need out, and wipe the drive clean. The problem is, as I mentioned above, that my image is of an LVM setup, whereas my external HDD is a single 1Tb drive.

Do you think I could use GParted to create 3 drives the same sizes as my three existing 250Gb drives, and restore the image to those? Would that work?
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