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Default Ispconfig 3 and OpenSuse 11.1 x86_64

Has anyone actually got IspConfig 3 working on 64-bit Suse?

I've been wrestling with it over the course of the past four or five days and it's just problem after problem after problem

The whole os in on the third install

It was reading that ispconfig 3 was good at handling virtual mail users that prompted me to try it

Being honest though the existing server I have that I want to replace with this machine took me less time than this to set up just configuring everything myself from scratch

I could probably reinstall the Suse and server packages, copy over some confs from the old server and have it all up and running in a day, so I'm on the verge of ditching the idea of going with IspConfig altogether

So if anyone has got it working on 64 bit Suse 11.1 and can tell me if they had the same issues and how they got around them it would be appreciated
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