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Originally Posted by letezo View Post
Things need to do:
  • Cron task to update the statistics for each domain. The default cron script installed by the system uses only the awstats.conf file and hardwired to build stats from /var/log/apache/access.log only, so that is clearly not enough in our case.
i don't know if anybody is working on awstats support, but IF!

if you name the plugin and then create the link in the plugins-core dir instead of the plugins-enabled dir (is done automatically by the installer if the plugin is called, then the plugin is loaded and executed every minute. so you do not neet any cron taks! (have a look at the monitor_core_module i wrote some times ago. with this module i have had the same problem with the cron - job and till and i decided to implement it this way instead of creating a special cron-job for every module needed such...
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