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Originally Posted by falko View Post
You must use one of the IP addresses that you see in the output of ifconfig, but don't use 127.0.x or your sites won't be accessible from the outside.
On which virtual server do I find the IP's? The web server, or the load balancer? I'll have to wait on the because I think my load balancer isn't set up correctly yet. I might have the wrong IP's there now. I changed System>Server config, and Edit Server IP, to the local address I set for this server of I just checked, and now I can't get to my test site at all. I made sure the DNS entries use the correct public IP just like shown in message

I also can get to the ISPConfig interface using my public IP with :8080.

Originally Posted by falko View Post
I looked through these already. What I kind of wanted was a more detailed description of all the different pages, settings, etc. inside ISPConfig. I'm sure I'll figure it out.

If I'm using myself as NS1, like I had before running ISPConfig 2 and Bind, can I be my own namserver again with version 3? Do I need to set up ns1 as it's own "site" in ISPConfig. Before I had to set up a site in ISPConfig for my nameserver domain of Do I do that again here?

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