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Didn't bother with the Suse forum, managed to get all the packages installed that INSTALL_OPENSUSE_11_1.txt tells you to in order to prepare for the ISPConfig 3 install except for mydns-ng-mysql

mydns-ng-1.2.8-1.1 refused to install complaining that it first needed mydns-ng_binary, a package which only returns rpmbone search pages for it when googling, and those pages have no results either. This was when using the rpm from the Suse repositories, tarball for the latest version ( obtained from sourceforge installed just fine

Have not been able to find a matching mydns-ng-mysql for it though, I will just have to wait and see if that becomes a problem later

There was a development library package I had to install before maildrop would configure, and at least one of the other packages I had to get tarballs for needed paths specified for the ./configure scripts as they were not searching in /usr/lib64 when trying to auto-configure things

One minor point regarding the instructions in INSTALL_OPENSUSE_11_1.txt which isn't specific to installing on 64-bit, after installing PhpMyAdmin it tells you to create a symbolic link to /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/phpmyadmin in /srv/www/htdocs/phpMyAdmin ... but ISPConfig hasn't been installed by this point so the folder you are trying to link to does not yet exist

I stopped before installing the actual ISPConfig package as it was already after 3am and I thought it best I get at least some sleep, I'm going to do that now and cross my fingers that the fact I'm not using the same versions of some packages specified in the instructions doesn't throw up a whole other set of problems ... wish me luck
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