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Default Server config on xen virtual server

I have ISPConfig running on a Xen virtual server, on Ubuntu server 8.04. I also have HAProxy/Heartbeat on another virtual server on the same machine.

My question is, how do I set the server config, server IP, etc. in the ISPConfig control panel? I'll be adding more sites as soon as I can, but I don't think I have the initial setup correct yet. For example; under Server config, I have my web1 server listed. If I click that, I have a checked checkbox, I changed the nameservers, and gateway to reflect the correct settings, but what IP address do I use. It started with, so do I keep that, change it to my local IP for that virtual server, or use my public IP that I want to access the sites with?

I think Apache isn't configured right yet, but I'm not sure how/where to edit it because I know ISPConfig changes things. Does apache still use /etc/apache2/sites-available/default after ISPConfig takes over? I need to find a way so it doesn't log all the load balancer requests from HAProxy.

Are there any tutorials/help around for setting up version 3 yet?

Sorry about all the questions. I love the new interface so far, since I made the move from version 2. I'm anxious to start adding sites.

UPDATE: I'm able to access ISPConfig from the Internet now. I had the wrong port open in my firewall/router. I also added a test website, but I can only access it by, now It's getting there though.

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