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Default Does anybody work on awstats support?

I've just installed the plugin. It creates the awstats config files for the domains, but it is far from working in its current state. Things need to do:
  • Cron task to update the statistics for each domain. The default cron script installed by the system uses only the awstats.conf file and hardwired to build stats from /var/log/apache/access.log only, so that is clearly not enough in our case.
  • Support for running without generally enabling CGI support for those domains. It can be protected by the same password as the Webalizer statistics. We have to provide a separate path for awstats. There should be a link from the Webalizer statistics to jump to awstats to help users.
  • New option for the Stats tab of the site in ISPConfig to enable/disable awstats for the domain.
  • Testing this on all the supported platforms.
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