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Default Cannot login into Webalizer statistics

OS: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS
ISPConfig is installed (latest stable)

I've set a statistics password in ISPConfig 3 interface, waited 1 min, then verified, that the .htpasswd_stats has been written to the right web folder and has the username admin and my password encrypted. Despite this I can't login into the /stats/ folder of my site.

Tried to search all the files under /etc/ for "htpasswd_stats" (without the dot, for simplicity), but haven't found a single configuration file referencing that. So it is not a miracle that I can't login. I get the login dialog, however, so the authentication seems to be configured somewhere.

I've tried to find the specification of the /stats/ directory in the Apache config files without success. So I don't know where is it configured at all.

Could you please point me to the relevant configuration files?

I've read all the related threads and searched the Web already.

What did I do wrong? Missing steps?
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