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Originally Posted by Ringo
Again what I'm trying to say is -- THIS SERVER WAS SOA before the installation process -- so .
Yes, I have understand that and thats why i told you to setup the namserver settings again in the ISPConfig controlpanel.

Originally Posted by Ringo
If I have missed something in the admin docs please point me to it.
Mybe you've missed the part where the install documentation and the installer told you that some of your current installation will be overwritten and thats why you have to enter them again in the controlpanel.

Originally Posted by Ringo
If not how can I set my server back to SOA through the ISPConfig panel.
1) You entered in the field "Domain (SOA):" of your primary DNS record in the DNS manager, it must be "" because the autority starts at (SOA maens Start Of Autority).
2) Go to the "records" tab of the DNS records and add a new A-Record with the field Hostname set to "ns" and the IP address pointing to your server.

IT is still SOA, but not
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