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Default ISPCONFIG 3 and email problem

cant seem to find a clear answer to my email problem that i have,
i set up "ubuntu perfect server ispconfig 3" and things went pretty smoothly. Iwas able to host web page very easily. problem im having is after making an email domain, adding an email box i can send emails w/o any issue but cant recieve any?? i saw this post (i was getting same error failed
Status: 5.1.1
Diagnostic-Code: x-unix; ERR: authdaemon: s_connect() failed: Permission denied
Invalid user specified.) so i tried inserting -d vmail in the flags line,(flags=R user=vmail argv=/usr/bin/maildrop -d vmail ${extension} ${recipient} ${user} ${domain} ${sender}) deleted email domain and mailbox, createad same domain and emailbox as before and now i dont recieve the email and i dont get it returned from my either?? any help would be appriciated Thx
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