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Default Courier-imap amd maildrop failure on Suse 11 64-bit


Trying to install ISPConfig 3 on a freshly installed OpenSuse 11 64 bit machine and having the following problems

rpm --force -i maildrop-2.0.4-10.5.i586.rpm
warning: maildrop-2.0.4-10.5.i586.rpm: Header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 6530cd38
error: Failed dependencies: is needed by maildrop-2.0.4-10.5.i586

courier-authlib and libauthmysql are both installed

The other thing is that I cannot install courier-imap

Yast keeps telling me that it 'conflicts with imap provided by itself'

Tried uninstalling imap first, makes no difference

I'm thinking tht with maildrop maybe I need an x86_64 version but I can't think of annything to try regarding the imap problem

Can anyone help?
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