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Why is there no apt-get install of the phamm package: two reasons

1. The pham package was outdated at the time when this How to was written
2. Even if you did install the apt package you would still have to do all of the configuration manually. It does not configure phamm, nor OpenLDAP.

I'm currently overloaded by a project for the governement so I cannot devote the time needed in order to resolve the issues with regard to the ACL.

However when this how to was written, I used it to install an configure the environment and it worked. There is now an update / upgrade available from Ubuntu for the Openldap package but I don't have the time to test it in regard to the how to.

Apart from the ACL issue the how to works, and without the ACL phamm works. Downside is that without the ACL, postmasters cannot add / change users, only the admin (Openldap admin) account can.

One of the issues I'm raising with the phamm developers is to hve the security (read ACL) in the package and not being dependant on Openldap.

For one:

If you add / change / modify ACL's, there is a major issue that phamm won't work or act strangely if the ACL's impose on Openldap by phamm aren't in the correct order (this just as a side note).

I'll try to do my best, but as I said I almost don't have any time except for work for the last 4 months and it isn't looking any better in the near future.

Resolving this is also important to me since my own (18 domains) are running on this setup.

I'm very sorry not being able to provide more assistance at this moment.
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