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Ok..... not sure quite what I've done then.

I've 3 web sites all test ones.
When I was setting up the dns bits I entered their domain names, and ips as follows.
DNS .. select client, zone "victim7.vx", NS "ns1" and gave it an email "admin.victim7.vx
Records select A, hostname "victim7.vx.", ip "" (the ip of my host pc)
Select A, hostname "mail", ip ""
Select A Hostname "ns1" ip ""
Select MX hostname "victim7.vx.", mailserver "mail.victim7.vx"
Select NS zone "victim7.vx", hostname "ns1.victim7.vx."

Should I have entered instead of, all the web sites point to

In the folder /var/www/ I have the following

FOLDERS Client, php-fcgi-scripts, webalizer
LINKS goof.tet,, victim7.vx (3 web sites I made) webmail, and ispconfig which says its broken.
FILES index.html the original apache install "it works".

The questions now.
1. How do I change apache to names rather than ip's
I think I want to run names, I have 1 internet ip and 5 web sites.
At this point I don't want to have to configure extra virtual local IP's.

2. If I want to run SSL will I be able to do so if I'm using the "names" ?
SSL and WEBMAIL are optional to me, good to have and be able to do.

I'm fairly new to Linux, and know very little about ISP's other than using Cpanel as a client etc
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