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Default subdomains

Originally Posted by till View Post
Sure you can manage subdomains in ISPConfiug, they are named co-domains and you can add them on the co-domain tab of the website settings.

This is a completely different question then the question you asked in the first post of this thread.

I want to know if it possible to do something like this:

I know, how to make: and I know how to make I do that whith co-domains option.

The question is...
How to make ? MUST have DIFFERNTE configuration than

Itīs my question clear? Sorry, I donīt speak english!

PS: the problem off all this, itīs that ISPCONFIG itīs not used for DNS we have another DNS servers and the departament not want to add new dns records for every new sites we add to isoconfig.

Any clue?

thanks, regards.

PS2: We use ispconfig 2.
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