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Default Amavid.conf in "Virutal Users and Domains with Postfix, Courier and MySQL (+SMTP

I'm using the howto "Virtual Users and Domains with Postfix, Courier and MySQL (+SMTP-AUTH, Quota, SpamAssassin, ClamAV)

I've copy and pasted the amavisd.conf from the howto and when issuing the command /etc/init.d/amavis restart I get an error near ) I've put a remark next to where the message says the error is occurring. I've included a few lines before and after the error. Thanks for any help.

$localpart_is_case_sensitive = 0; # (default is false)

$blacklist_sender_re = new_RE(
qr'^(bulkmail|offers|cheapbenefits|earnmoney|foryo u|greatcasino)@'i,
qr'^(investments|lose_weight_today|market\.alert|m oney2you|MyGreenCard)@'i,
qr'^(specialoffer|specialoffers|stockalert|stopsno ring|wantsome)@'i,
qr'^(workathome|yesitsfree|your_friend|greatoffers )@'i,

map { $whitelist_sender{lc($_)}=1 } (qw(
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