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Default We have a winner :)

Well it works for web browsing YESSSS!

And suprisingly simple.

From what I've read ISPConfig 3 sorts its own names and stores them, you don't do anything to your hosting systems dns files.

Here what I did after installing the software
create cleint the web site I called victim7.vx

email - just added client, and entered the domain name "victim7.vx"
Add site selected client, then added domain "victim7.vx"
DNS .. select client, zone "victim7.vx", NS "ns1" and gave it an email "admin.victim7.vx
Records select A, hostname "victim7.vx.", ip "" (the ip of my host pc)
Select A, hostname "mail", ip ""
Select A Hostname "ns1" ip ""
Select MX hostname "victim7.vx.", mailserver "mail.victim7.vx"
Select NS zone "victim7.vx", hostname "ns1.victim7.vx."

I did this with 3 different sites vitim6 7 & 8 and they are resolved by their names in a browser, I'm not sure about the email side yet LOL

A couple of things to note
1. you have to put a full stop (period) at the end of the site names when entering the records.
2. I did this on my home network hence the ".vx" extension, as there is no dns server on my network to resolve the names I had to point my other windows machines to my web hosting pc by altering the hosts files on each of them.

my hosts file - c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\HOSTS has the following lines added. victim6.vx victim7.vx victim8.vx

Normaly if the domain is on the internet then a dns machine gives you the ip address to look at

my web server, is ubuntu 8.10, and the only thing I altered was the ip address for my wired network and thats, the only place I had to enter the host pc's details was in the server config I think, and thats showing
ip address
gateway (I have 2 network cards, 192 = wireless internet, 10. = wired home network
nameservers & (not sure about these .1 is my router and .2 doesn't exist.

This works ok for me and resolves the web sites, next job for me will be the email....hope it helps someone. use the dns links in a previous msg

Anyway time for a coffee

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