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Default 403 error Forbidden - ubuntu 810 and ispc 3


I've just installed ispconfig 3 by following the perfect server how to. I did it for ispc 3 this time
Everything installed well and it appears to work, I'm guessing I'm doing something wrong or else I've missed something in the configuring web sites from within ispc3.

I set up a client - victim6, and went through the setup, I didn't do anything in the dns section as I'm not sure about dns, I'll figure it out or ask later. I did the cllient ticked all the boxes and left the quotas page all set to defaults, setup the email, and the web server I gave the domain as "" just to test it and see what happened.

when I try to view the page I receive the 403 error.
I typed
if I type I get "It works!" from the default apache install

I can see a client folder off /var/www/.... /web1/web/, and that contains the index file so I figure isp3 is working.

Any help much apreciated

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