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Yes it worked, untill the next step "make config". again i used "chmod 755 /misc/modconfig" in order to make it work, but then a bunch of errors came up:
Configuring module 'compress'.
/bin/sh: line 6: .././compress.mod/configure: Permission denied

Configuring module 'dns'.
/bin/sh: line 6: .././dns.mod/configure: Permission denied

Again i used "chmod 755 /src/mod/dns.modconfigure" and "chmod 755 /src/mod/compress.modconfigure", and then both modules compiled correct.

Next step was to do "make", which worked without problem.

Now i'm going to do "make install" and has the opportunity to change the destination. What am i going to do now? Use the destination from his jail?

I searched at google and found a debian package with eggdrop, which is pretty simple to install, but my question is then; if one of the users from a jail uses /usr/bin/eggdrop to launch his eggdrops, where is the log files other files etc. then stored? Is it a good solution? And how do i compile the eggdrop with other modules if it's installed from "apt-get install"?

I would still appreciate if there was a way to make my jail users able to do more commands, like if they had bought a shell at a professionel hosting company.

Hope it's not too much, but i'm starting to love the way unix works! And that just leads to more questions
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