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The saga continues...
A refresher, I have 2 unpriviledged accounts listadmin & rsync2 on my main server scflf001. listadmin is the account that the delvelopers use to ftp the new lists to the server with. They are uploaded to it's home directory and a shell script copies them out to the correct location. I would like to use listadmin as well for the rsync process. This would limit the number of users on the main server to 3; root, listadmin and myself. The other servers will have only root and myself.

I am prompted for a password everytime I try to use listadmin@scflf001. If I use the sync2@scflf001 it works as expected. I deleted the authorized_keys file and the file from listadmin's .ssh directory and copied the ones from rysnc2. I am still promped for a password if I use listadmin@scflf001. I deleted the authorized_keys and .pub file from rsync2's .ssh directory, copied them back from listadmin. It works, no password needed.

What could it be about the listadmin account that causes the process to request a password? I do not have anything prepended to the authorized_keys file.

Lastly, -avz causes the the owner and group to be set to 1003, I am assuming that would be the users number on the main server.
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