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Hello, i was wondering if you can help me with something.

im also using version2 with remote framework.

my goal: i want to install a script automatically in the new website's directory by uncompressing the files.

for example, i have a file called myscript.tar.gz

myscript.tar.gz contains files:

in config.lib.php i put this my code after this line:
if(!is_dir($web_path."/"."user")) mkdir($web_path."/"."user", $directory_mode);

my code is:
exec("tar xvfz /var/www/web1/ispconfig/scripts/myscript.tar.gz -C ".$web_path."/")

so when the new site is created, i can see my script files in:

X = new $doc_id

so i was wondering if im just re-inventing the wheel here and perhaps there's already a feature in ispconfig that will allow automatic installation of scripts.

for example, i have some users who want to start their new blog. so i would like for a way to install wordpress automatically when a new site is created using wordpres.tar.gz and then all i have to do is fopen() the config file and edit to the new sites configs (eg: dbuser, dbpassword, etc..)

thanks for your time.
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