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Default with ISPConfig, Postfix, and Courier, mail does not send or receive


Thank you in advance for your help. I have recently followed Falko's perfect setup for a Debian box running ISPConfig. The install went smoothly (a great help btw) and I am hosting several sites already! However I cannot figure out how to get mail working for the websites' users.

I have installed the roundcube package using ISPConfig's update utility. That seems to work fine. As I understand it, roundcube is only a visual interface to postfix and courier and would not be responsible for mail difficulties per se. I can login using any user name and password I create in the ISPConfig site manager. I can navigate all the menus in roundcube fine, but cannot send or receive email at all.

If I send an email, roundcube splashes a notice saying it sent successfully, but it never reaches its destination. Any email sent to the address results in an error 550, the recipient is not accepted.

Fishing around these forums I have found many threads dealing with this issue, as it appears to be a common one. I could not find a solution on my own however, so I hope someone on this forum can guide me through it.

The most indepth trouble shooting I've done is running 'tail -f /var/log/mail.log'. I see that I login and logout of the imapd server almost every minute. No other information is displayed when I try to send or receive a mail.

As an aside, I am using Putty to connect to my server and do not know how to copy information displayed in that window into another to share, e.g. to share netstat -tap results. Does anyone know a way to do this?

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