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Talking Installing ISPconfig3 (Centos5.3)

Originally Posted by fhawk View Post
edit /tmp/ispconfig3_install/install/lib/install.lib.php
find this:

change it:
After a clean (fresh) CentOS 5.3 install. Installing ISPConfig 3 failed.

The steps done were:
Download ISPConfig 3xxxx from

rpm --import /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY*
yum update
yum groupinstall 'Development Tools'
yum groupinstall 'Development Libraries'

# Disable the firewall:


for Centos5.3:
i get an error because of the centos version.

edit ispconfig3_install/install/lib/install.lib.php
find this:
if(stristr($content,'CentOS release 5.2 (Final)')) {
$distname = 'CentOS';
$distver = '5.2';
$distid = 'centos52';
$distbaseid = 'fedora';
swriteln("Operating System: CentOS 5.2 or compatible\n");
add after:
if(stristr($content,'CentOS release 5.3 (Final)')) {
$distname = 'CentOS';
$distver = '5.3';
$distid = 'centos53';
$distbaseid = 'fedora';
swriteln("Operating System: CentOS 5.3 or compatible\n");
then copy and rename

copy and rename

Now you can install it!!!
cd /ispconfig3_install/install
php -q install.php

after i got:

# answer all questions...
Select language (en,de) [en]: enter
Installation mode (standard,expert) [standard]: enter
Full qualified hostname (FQDN) of the server, eg server1.domain.tld []:
MySQL server hostname [localhost]: enter
MySQL root username [root]: enter
MySQL root password []: xxxxxxxxx
MySQL database to create [dbispconfig]: enter
MySQL charset [utf8]: enter

ERROR: Unable to load SQL-Dump into database table.

I check if root can connect to mySQL Data Base:
mysql -h -u root -p
mysql -h -u root -p

also root can connect using phpmyadmin.

I think the problem is @ : line 160

It can create the DB but not the ispconfig user or any tables in the ISPconfig DBase!

The options @ /tmp/trunk/install/options.conf.php need to be in an install script somehow ?

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