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Originally Posted by ggohdin View Post
Hi, you need fullstops at the end of your domain names in your dns zone records. e.g "" How ever your zone record for is correct, just see where the full stops are in that zone and do the same with the other zones.
That makes no sense, because the "" opens up normally, but the "" not ???

But I changed them to full stops anyway.

But why could it take up to 3 days considdering that the changes are on my server and dont reflect to the outside world?

Correct me if i'm wrong but when somebody types "" then the first to respond is Godaddy because there is the name registered, Godaddy gives the

On DNSExit it looks up the ip adres and then links to that, then on my server it is rerouted to the right web adress???

Is this the right way ??

Thanks in advance,
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