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Hi Falko thank you for the reply...

New Information: I have found that when OSSEC sends notices as below:
OSSEC HIDS Notification.
2009 Apr 08 21:01:47

Received From: giganetwireless->/var/log/auth.log
Rule: 1002 fired (level 2) -> "Unknown problem somewhere in the system."
Portion of the log(s):

Apr  8 21:01:46 giganetwireless getty[9018]: ttyS1: ioctl: Input/output error

I have just found that at the same time OSSEC sends error notices that I am also receiving a system message as follows:
Warning: service mysqld not running (server:!

Message generated at April 8, 2009, 21:30.
Out of curiosity I took a look at '/var/log/auth.log' a few sample lines below:
Apr  8 21:39:01 giganetwireless CRON[11616]: (pam_unix) session opened for user root by (uid=0)
Apr  8 21:39:01 giganetwireless CRON[11616]: (pam_unix) session closed for user root
Apr  8 21:40:37 giganetwireless getty[11703]: ttyS1: ioctl: Input/output error
Apr  8 21:40:47 giganetwireless getty[11710]: ttyS1: ioctl: Input/output error

I restarted mysql '/etc/init.d/mysql restart' and then ran 'tail -f /var/log/syslog' and all I see in there are mail type messages nothing petaining to MySQL though.

Best Regards

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