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Default stuck with ntop (CentOS 5.3)

I am trying to use ntop and install it as per these howto:

(also rrdtools):
(installed and tested as per instructions)

in the a.m. howto it was not possible to use ntop at all, due to this error:

ntop-3.3.9/ --with-rrd-home=/usr/local/rrdtool
[.. lots of information ..]
configure: error: Unable to find RRD at /usr/local/rrdtool: please use --with-rrd-home=DIR

error; note that even with the proper "DIR" information it returns such error AND stops.

then I installed ntop with yum - all runs smoothly and ntop runs (apparently) normal here EXCEPT that, when asking for any graphic (network load, traffic) it doesnot show any graph, just this message:

"NOTE: this page is not operational when the RRD plugin is disabled, misconfigured or missing."

BUT.. these (and some others) are already enabled.

So, I am stuck: HOW can I got those nice graphics? think that it is closely related with those "Unable to find RRD at /usr/local/rrdtool", but I have nor error messages nor log's pointing me to the right direction.

Any hint, pls?
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