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Originally Posted by till
No, it dont delete the /etc/bind/ * files, but it replaces your named.conf and your files in /etc/bind/ * are not included anymore.

What do you mean with that? After you installed ISPConfig, the BIND Configuration is empty, there are no zones at all as default. Dont change any config files manually, use the web inteface or your changes will get lost!
No no my bind config is as it was -- the problem is I can't find where ISPConfig changed my CNAME from www to ns ? right now you can access my site by but NOT it wasn't like that before so something has changed but I can't find where -- I've looked at the ispconfig files under root -- but don't really know what file it's in or what i should change .. Im not very up on php coding. In the ISPConfig console the do I need to build that first DNS record? Do I need to build even though it was built in bind before the installation?

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