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Default Sendmail / DomainKeys Integration / CENTOS - mysterious broken pipe error? Plz help!

I followed directions and i almost have dk-filter operational on a centos machine

Heres the problem though
I start the dk-filter through a custom startup script as shown here:

[root@lunar ~]# service domainkeys start
Starting dk-filter: [ OK ]
[root@lunar ~]#

This is what I get in sendmail maillog (most signifigant error shown in bold):

Apr 5 13:12:59 lunar dk-filter[22204]: Sendmail DomainKeys Filter v1.0.2 starting (args: -l -p inet:8891@localhost -c simple -d
-s /var/db/domainkeys/mail.key.pem -S mail -u dkim -M MSA)
--- email sent here --->, proto=SMTP, daemon=MTA, []
Apr 5 13:13:21 lunar sendmail[22167]: n35KCRU2022167: Milter (dk-filter): write(L) returned -1, expected 47: Broken pipe
Apr 5 13:13:21 lunar sendmail[22167]: n35KCRU2022167: Milter (dk-filter): to error state

This is what I have added to and recompiled:

[root@lunar mail]# cat|grep dk-filter
INPUT_MAIL_FILTER(`dk-filter', `S=inet:8891@localhost')dnl
[root@lunar mail]#

Any information on how to solve the elusive "Broken pipe" error is appreciated. I also had this error using it as a unix: sock in /var/run/dk-filter/dk.sock and as a local: sock on both the dk-filter side and the side.. Nothing works, broken pipe every time. Thanks

PS This is dk-milter-1.0.2.tar.gz downloaded off of Sourceforge.
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