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Default Using ISPConfig on mirrored primary and secondary servers

I hope Till or Falko sees this because they've covered articles about it before.

I've been experimenting with ways to do two Linux servers using ISPConfig, and Webmin. I used past discussions get the idea how to set it up so I could use my second server as a backup to the first, as well as a slave nameserver. I then used rsync and mysql database replication to keep the backup server up to date.

This first problem I found was when you add a new site to the primary server using ISPConfig, it mirrors the database to the second server so now ISPConfig has the entry there as well. The problem is the site doesn't actually get made on the second server, just the entry in the DB so it looks to ISPConfig that it's there. I then thought to kill the database replication for ISPConfig to the second server, and do the entry manually. That would work except, do I make it a master, or slave file? If I make it a slave, will it still work if I have to switch over and use the secondary if the primary server went down?

I know this would all be moot it I would get brave, and redo everything to use the High-Availability Load Balancer setup.
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