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Originally Posted by luchs3 View Post
Do I have to install all the Servers first, or can I install a whole in one now and split it later when I need it?
There are several ways to plant:

- Install apache + php + mysql to install ISPConfig Master (with expert installation options you choose and do not configure services except installation panel ISPConfig)
Here you have a master server and join other servers.
On one of MySQL can be a second ftp site with a third dns.

- First, install all the web services, mysql, dns, ftp, and install standard ISPConfig.
Here you have all except the server ready for hosting, it could include further as above.
One can be a DNS second and the third post at another.
I prefer to place the order to include master and slave servers (MySQL to a second post and the third website with FTP).
In both cases, you can attach to another server in services.
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