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ok, I had already done as you have suggested with router and also DMZ setup my servers LAN IP address on the router configuration.

I can now login to my ISpconfig V3.0.1 on http://mylan:8080 but not (i replaced in the guide to reflect my registered domain) This might sound stupid, should I have done this?

My domain is registered to 1&1 and now points to my ISPs IP address, which is my servers 'outside' IP address.

I can login to ISPconfig using http://myISPsIPaddress:8080 but i dont get the ISPconfig interface when i try it times out.

Ive change my server details in ISPConfig, from the original etc to:

ip_address= (to reflect my ISPs IP address)
gateway= (ISPs gateway)
nameservers=, (my ISPs nameservers)

Cheers in advance for any help (i could have went on alittle longer there but il stop haha)

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