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Originally Posted by till
There are no config files for your daemons under the /root/ispconfig/ tree. All the config files are in /etc/.

Is your server authorative for your domains? Have you configured the primary records for your domains in ISPConfig DNS-Manager after you have installed ispconfig? ISPConfig deletes all existing BIND configuration on your server during install and you have to setup your DNS-Records in DNS-Manager again.
Wow you guys are the best - thanks for the quick replys.

Yes my server is Authorative for all my domains. However I only have ONE domain atm - just my root domain which is I'd like to get this working correctly (or learn ispconfig better) before I actually transfer 100+ domains over hehe. Interesting comment about ISPConfig deleting my existing BIND config - are you saying it actually deletes all my /etc/bind/ * files?
If thats what is suppose to happen .. it has not done so. I was reading that the Primary DNS entry is set to "default" but I have changed those to IP addys and removed the Default FQDN that was there. Am I misunderstanding the docs?


It's really a very good app ... thanks for all the hard work...
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