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Originally Posted by Ringo
What I mean is if you type in .. it can't be found anymore, however if you type in - my temp page will show. Meaning a possible change in DNS because was being resolved befor the installation. So Im assuming that something has changed but Im not sure what. Yes this server is also running DNS/apache/ipconfig.
I don't know if this might help or not but for some reason it didn't pick up my phpmyadmin or i should say it wont allow me to access it - however once again if I type in .. it shows. Most likely unrelated but ...
I'll take a look at apache conf and see whats up. It's a new server Im just now setting up, but I desided to use apache 1.3.3. Don't have any vhosts on the system YET >......
I've looked at etc/bind -- I made backups of all the files in that dir but theres no difference.
There seems to be a file missing from /root/ispconfig/<something>/ bind stuff ... I dunno....
Anyway thanks for a place to start looking
There are no config files for your daemons under the /root/ispconfig/ tree. All the config files are in /etc/.

Is your server authorative for your domains? Have you configured the primary records for your domains in ISPConfig DNS-Manager after you have installed ispconfig? ISPConfig deletes all existing BIND configuration on your server during install and you have to setup your DNS-Records in DNS-Manager again.
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