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Originally Posted by falko
What do you mean with that? Is working, but you see the same page as when you type in in your browser?
Or can't you connect at all with
Which server is the DNS server for The machine where you installed ISPConfig?

You could have a look at
/etc/apache2/vhosts/Vhosts_ispconfig.conf and the files in /etc/bind.
What I mean is if you type in .. it can't be found anymore, however if you type in - my temp page will show. Meaning a possible change in DNS because was being resolved befor the installation. So Im assuming that something has changed but Im not sure what. Yes this server is also running DNS/apache/ipconfig.
I don't know if this might help or not but for some reason it didn't pick up my phpmyadmin or i should say it wont allow me to access it - however once again if I type in .. it shows. Most likely unrelated but ...
I'll take a look at apache conf and see whats up. It's a new server Im just now setting up, but I desided to use apache 1.3.3. Don't have any vhosts on the system YET >......
I've looked at etc/bind -- I made backups of all the files in that dir but theres no difference.
There seems to be a file missing from /root/ispconfig/<something>/ bind stuff ... I dunno....
Anyway thanks for a place to start looking
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