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Originally Posted by safoo View Post
I have 2 questions and I think they are both related and should be simple answers.

I run ISPConfig on a server with a couple of domains and DNS is setup through my registrar. Now I have set up google apps for email. The individual websites also send emails (order notifications etc). I followed the google directions for changing the mx records at my registrar but I still see one old mx record:

Check "":

1. Where is this old 0 priority record coming from? I have not yet changed reverse PTRs, did reverse PTR automatically add a mx record? or does ispconfig broadcast dns?

Note that the email is coming through fine since there is no A record for mail.anas so the correct google records get used, but google thinks my dns is not setup correctly and also the blackberry service doesn't recognize this email address as a google account. I think clearing out that first record will correct both these issues.
I'm also getting this, so this record must be on the authoritative nameservers ( and

Originally Posted by safoo View Post
2. What should be the correct reverse ptr for my IP(s) now that I am using google apps for email; my server does send emails using sendmail.
Doesn't matter as long as the hostname in return points to the correct IP.
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