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Thanks for the answer.

Now userdbpw is also used in my setup to set the "system pw" for courier, as in my previous post:

"echo "$6" | userdbpw | userdb "$5"/"$4"@"$5" set systempw"

A quick look in the sourcecode (I'm not a real programmer) tells me the crypt funtion is used to generate the "system pw" if no md5 or hmac is used.

like here:

tail userdbpw.c (from the courier authlib source)


printf("%s\n", crypt(buf, salt));
return (0);

now I'm not really sure if the "HAVE_CRYPT" means that userdbpw is called without the option md5 or hmac - but i suppose so.

Wouldn't these encrypted passwords then be usable? Or am I missing something ?

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