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Originally Posted by SidSkiba
My question is related to the web site of the ISP machine. For example (not using real domain names). ISPConfig Server is set up as I have 1 web site on the machine called If I do the browser displays site. Both are on the same IP address. If I use (IP of machine) it displays would be a real internet domain. Thus I would like anyone going to the IP address or going to to see a site called and not as it does now.

Is there a way to do this or what am I missing in the configuration?
If you type in a URL in your browser that has no vhost entry in your Apache the Apache serves the first entry it can find. So you need to create a web site in ISPConfig for if you don't want that the web site of shows up when you type in your browser.

Also I notice if I open up port 21 on the NAT and try doing that I cannot connect. I can connect fine with I am unsure if this is a NAT issue with ProFTP or something like that. Perhaps you can advise? I do not really need FTP access from outside today but may need it in the future.
Have you tried Passive transfers in your FTP client? Most often it solves Firewall problems.
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