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Default fail2ban Logs


I have installed fail2ban but I'm having trouble finding the logs that relate to a failed:

1. htaccess login
2. proftp login

I read the apache httpd.conf file and found that the server logs were installed in:


I read the error_log file and found that these errors relate to server level errors.

For example hackers trying to find directories such as

At the bottom of the apache httpd.conf file is the directive that points to the ISPConfig includes file:


Examining this file points to error logs in:


These logs contain errors such as failed favicon download attempts etc.

If I pointed fail2ban at any of the error logs I would ban everybody who came to one of my sites.

Is there a set of logs that record every failed password attempt - proftp, apache, ssh ... etc or am I going to have to set them up myself.

The only thing I have found that is close (I am on centos5.2 64bit) is:


But this only records SSH password failures.

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Adrian Smith
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