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Default Migration from Courier, virtual users

Hi everyone !

after ISPC3 has become stable I will be migrating a couple of old servers to a vmware machine running Lenny and hopefully ISPC3. My "old" server has courier-imap and courier-smtp running.

The old server uses courier "userdb" as the auth file for strictly virtual email users. Can I use this file directly (like in authmodulelist), or can I use the info in the userdb file to generate ISPC3 users another way ? How do I get to see the userdb users in ISPC3 ?

The password is hashed by the userdbpw command (from AWK script):
system("echo "$6" | userdbpw | userdb "$5"/"$4"@"$5" set systempw")
system("echo "$6" | userdbpw -hmac-md5| userdb "$5"/"$4"@"$5" set hmac-md5pw")

The userdb textfile looks somthing like this:
------------------<CUT>-------------------------- home=/home/virtmail/|systempw=aUPc11AXjmoKU| hmac-md5pw=fee57ed3951660332759a9f50712c65bc6a444bcc3aa be559e5830b842a11d41|gid=1001|uid=1001

Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated, informing 1000 users by plain mail is not really an option.


PS: A pointer to how ISPC3 implements virtual users would also be great.
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