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Question client directory structure in ispconfig 3


We are currently using ispconfig 2 for our production web server and are quite pleased with it, aside from some minor annoyances. One of these is the directory, user and db naming. Having many sites hosted on the server, it can get next to impossible to find the directory, database or user of a particular site, when they are named web1, web2, db1, db2, etc.

I have been testing ispconfig a while now (from the downloadable debian vmware image), and must say I am very impressed with it. It seems that the naming issue has been somewhat addressed in ispconfig 3, too. The databases can now be named arbitrarily, with a prefix (I changed the prefix to [CLIENTNAME] and it seems to work). There is now also an option to define a custom directory structure in Server Config > Web. For lack of documentation though, I don't know how to set it to what I would like to achieve.

Here is what I would like to have:
- linux (shell) users equal to the domain name (i.e. 'domain.tld')
- linux (shell) groups equal to the client's ispconfig username
- the client directory structure equal to something like this: /var/clients/[username]/[website_domain]

Is this possible with ispconfig 3? If so, this would be a major incentive for us to upgrade to version 3, even though we would have to reinstall the OS from scratch.
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