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Default ISPConfig & RapidSSL

I just bought a new RapidSSL Certificate,

I have to enter the CSR....which i'm assuming comes from /root/ispconfig/httpd/conf/ssl.crt/ssl.crt

please correct me if I'm wrong,

Then I enter the name and all that.

Last time I tried to submit it gave me the error CSR parse failure.

Possibly I have the wrong contact information entered on the SSL providers site....any suggestions? Should I regenerate the certificate?

I want this to be my main ispconfig cert...the one that's used to access ispconfig panel.

Also, there is a field where it asks u what type of cert....

It gives u the options Apache + OpenSSL

however it also gives the option for Apache2......i figured im using apache2...but im also using openssl with the ispconfig install right? i chose apache + openssl for the crt that right?....also...should i put the server.crt or the ca.crt in there? not to educated on ssl.....

So i want this ssl cert to be the one for and etc... everything https....does the /etc/postfix/ssl cert have nothing to do with this?



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