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Default A good firewall to use

Hi there,

I saw somewhere that you were wondering what firewall to include with ISPConfig 3. Whether you were going to keep the old one Ballista that you used in ISPConfig 2 or find a different one.

Well I have become quite fond of CSF and wonder if it is an option?

It has a module for webmin which maybe you could use to get an idea of it. I don't know if there is something wrong with CSF but I am pretty sure its good for the job.

It also automatically updates itself. It appears to run on a large number of distributions and virtual servers.

I would absolutely love to see this inside ISPConfig.

I am currently testing Webmin with the GPL version of Virtualmin with this on there and so far so good. The system has been up for a month and nobody has hacked it yet that I am aware of.

I am comparing that to ISPConfig 3 to see which I like better. If CSF goes to ISPConfig 3 I will definitely be using it instead. Hell, I would pay up to $200 for this since that is how much I will have to pay for the professional version of Virtualmin in order to get my system setup properly. ISPConfig has most, if not all of the options I can see that I would need and is much quicker, nicer and simpler to use by the looks of it. Virtualmin / webmin are pretty darn nice but I am kind of liking ISPConfig 3 now that I took a look at it.

I may have to install ISPConfig 3 either way just because it looks like its laid out nicer and may be easier for clients to use to create and manage their own websites.

I have some questions about it but maybe I should put that in another thread.

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