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Hi Falko

I can run '/etc/init.d/mysql restart' and no complaints are returned by the server.

However if I attempt to loginto MySQL I receive the following:
root@giganetwireless:/etc# mysql -u root -p
bash: mysql: command not found
As if MySQL is non-existent...

Likewise when I run 'tail -f /var/log/syslog' or even 'cat /var/lost/syslog'
there is no data populating 'syslog' what-so-ever

This particular server is tapped for drive space, as you pointed out to me after I ran an upgrade to ISPConfig VIA CLI earlier this week after which ISPConfig became inaccessible.

I am waiting on a 1TB drive for this server then I will start fresh.
The wierd thing is that everything that relys on MySQL such as E-Mail functions without a hitch.

Thanks Falko
Have a great day.

Best Regards
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