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Question Till: Is it worth ...

Trying to install the latest ClamAV engine from the debian-volatile source? I note your HowTo on "A Short Introduction to Apt-Pinning"

Will this be the route to take if you wish to keep your AV db AND the Engine totally up-to-date?

I did try the methods suggested by adding a line to /etc/apt/sources.list
deb main contrib non-free - followed the apt-get update and apt-get install clamav but I had the same problem as the person who started this thread.

Using the commands: whereis freshclam ; whereis clamscan ; and ldd `which freshclam` just added to my confusion.

ClamAV suggest that virii move faster than the Debian repository team and it would be an advantage to update the engine as well.

Are you able to offer a short Howto to make this easier for the uninitiated please?
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