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Default Rebuilding server after install of ISPConfig 3

Hi All,

I agree with your assessment of not being able to cleanup enough stuff to uninstall ISPConfig 2 and install ISPConfig 3. However, I only have one server and was wondering if you had the steps for "restoring" the customer's MySQL databases and other web site stuff (postgress for sql-ledger, etc)? Here's what I'm thinking:

1. mysql dump of all database schemas
2. postgress dump of all database schemas
3. tar up /var/www -- or just rename it as it's on its own LVM.
4. Use your or Falko's "script" for capturing all the packages that are installed so I can restore them on the "new" system.
5. Since I'm using LVM for everything except / I should be able to install Ubuntu 8.10 with formatting / and putting /home on / for the install.
6. Update /etc/fstab with LVM mount points for all filesystems other than / -- should be intact since I won't wipe them during the install. And reboot.
7. Then follow your instructions for "The Perfect Server" to get ISPConfig 3 up and running.
8. Create users and webs, restore /var/www and correct users/groups where necessary.
9. Use ISPConfig 3 to register the customer's databases and restore from the mysql dumps
10. Use the package data that was gathered in step 4 to load all the packages I had on the server before "format" of /

My question is: Do you know which packages shouldn't be restored from the ISPConfig 2 package list?

I'm pretty sure to not install ProFTP, MySQL, Apache, and PHP, but are there any others that come to mind that would be conflicting with ISPConfig 3?
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