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Originally Posted by till View Post
ISPConfig 3 is not an update for ISPConfig 2. ISPConfig 3 is a multi server control panel with virtual mail and FTP users which has different system requirements then ISPConfig 2. So you can not update a ISPConfig 2 system with ISPConfig 3 without formatting the server harddisk and do a complete reinstall of the operating system as described in the ISPConfig 3 documentation. The perfect setup guides for ISPConfig 2 are not compatible with ISPConfig 3.
But isn't it possible to uninstall ISPConfig 2 first and then install ISPConfig 3? The server is able to run without ISPConfig so to uninstall it would not be a problem. Right?

I'm running ISPConfig 2 for a couple of weeks now and I really see the potential of the system. It works perfectly! Though, I am very interested in the new version to prevent the creation of real users. Virtual users will be better.
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