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Default Yeah but...subdomains

I made a mistake trying to get this project US funding unfortunately....

Subdomains are easy to create as a.....'regular domain'

just as you'd create: ""

Create ""

or "" if you actually want webpace their either way....bad thing is, with 2.2.30 u can't just forward the Co-Domain to your webmail ispconfig pkg directory.

Who in their right mind would post web data at though?!!??!....that's what got me fired today and im a little heated and frustrated about it due to the fact that I lost a 20,000 dollar client because of the fact that the ispconfig developers have a retard amongst them...unfortunately most the variables are german and it's open source.....i relied on the control panel being dependable as it has been and it failed me the one time my boss wanted me to show him how everything worked.

Any Developers that speak english let me know if u are interesting in contributing or branching off from this project.
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