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Just to make sure - I must use uninstall script, right? Because there is uninstall-fedora script as well, so, since Redhat, Fedora and CentOS are the members of the same family?..

Sorry, I didn't checked inside scripts I must use uninstall-fedora.

OK, progress - after ISPconfig removal phpmyadmin started to work.

I repeated almost all steps and noticed that:
No package php-magickwand available.
No package php-magpierss available.
No package php-mapserver available.
No package php-shout available.
Are these packages really necessary?

The same result - cannot login to CP And file /var/www/php-fcgi-scripts/ispconfig/.php-fcgi-starter created by installation doesn't work as well - it gives me 500 internal server error. Only after I replaced line "exec /usr/lib/cgi-bin/php -d magic_quotes_gpc=off" with "exec /usr/bin/php-cgi -d magic_quotes_gpc=off", I was able to access CP page, but not to login.
SuPHP module is turned off. Sites looks ok, only phpmyadmin shows me source code page (IE8) or suggests to download index.php file after login (IE7). Strange, Firefox opens login page inside login page:

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