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Default Use any WebMail software you please and offer it to all customers.

When I installed ISPC on my colocated Mac mini in November, I wanted to check out a few different webmail clients. I saw that Uebimiau was the only one supported as an install into ISPC, but I honestly don't like it too much.

I ended up choosing what I was already familiar with, SquirrelMail. Then I was faced with the issue of getting it to be easily accessible to the customer. I ended up creating a server-wide alias in my apache2.conf file similar to the one I made for mailman.
# Webmail

    Alias /webmail/ "/pathto/webmail/"

    Alias /webmail "/pathto/webmail/"
This way...www.domain.tld/webmail will always work for whatever my clients' domain is.
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