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Default ISPconfig3 and myDNSconfig working together

I want to have two ISPconfig 3 servers running and two MyDNSconfig servers running. Name servers as follows
ns1.domainname1 = IP address of ISPconfig 3 (1)
ns1.domainname2 = IP address of ISPconfig 3 (2)
ns2.domainname1 = IP address of myDNSconfig (1)
ns2.domainname2 = IP address of myDNSconfig (1)
ns2.domainname1 = ns2.domainname2
ns3.domainname1 = IP address of myDNSconfig (2)
ns3.domainname2 = IP address of myDNSconfig (2)
ns3.domainname1 = ns3.domainname2
In other words I maintain the DNS records on two different ISPconfig 3 servers which are owned by two different business entities and their records are replicated on two other name servers.
I really don't want to be running an additional two MyDNSconfig servers if I don't have to.
Is this possible?
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