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Default Ubuntu 8.10 - openLDAP and Phamm for Postfix - dovecot

Hi, I've tried this howto: Postfix Virtual Hosting With LDAP Backend And With Dovecot As IMAP/POP3 Server On Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex Server 8.10

I've got the same issues than some of the people who commented the page about installing openLDAP:

- when trying to set the ACL's (what is an ACL by the way?) with the command: ldapmodify -x -D cn=admin,cn=config -W -f acl-del.ldif

I get the following error message: ldapmodify: wrong attributeType at line 3, entry "olcDatabase={1}hdb,cn=config"

should something be configured first in the server?

- when I try to add the phamm hosting organisation, I just get a "bad credentials" error.

Should the database (dn=hosting,dc=example,dc=tld
) be created first?

By the way, how can we define the database location in the filesystem? When looking for tutorials, it is shown that it was set within the slapd.conf file, which doesn't exist in openldap latest version.

Thanks for helping, the old server I'm migrating from is already down and my user's mails are falling nowhere, so I'm getting a little nervous ... LDAP is not really beginner friendly so your help would REALLY be welcome.
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